Telco meet and China E-Learning market study

Today was a big day for a couple of reason. I just had a first meeting with HK’s largest telco, celco, ISP and TV franchise (all-in-one) and through a contact I had knew for a while. And it marks the beginning to build traction and content partnership, inching our progress towards 2014 disruptive innovation.

As I also started my B.D work with my China partnership, I start evaluating various opportunities. Canada’s B.C government actually had published a report on the E-Learning opportunity available in PRC China. (see this link ; this report says Asia Pacific and all I really see is China. There are however some real good source of information for research and business case study. and – a search/directory/e-learning list similar to our CB. – a e-learning portal – a e-learning portal (a NYSE:EDU) which has and with Search course at

Initial Coding with GTM, by Charmaz

Recently had a chance to borrow a copy of Kathy Charmaz’s book for my paper and to dig deeper on her constructivist approach of GT.

Especially on coding, she says
“Grounded Theory coding consists of at least two main phases: 1_ an initial phase involving naming each word, line, or segment of data followed by 2) a focused , selective phase that uses the most significant or frequent initial codes to sort, synthesize, integrate, and organise large amount of data.”


Charmaz, K (2006) Constructing Grounded Theory: A
Practical Guide through Qualitative Analysis.
London, England: Sage pp 46