e-Learning | The Mobile Learner

by Daniel Chun


Phil Hill’s diagram of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

As I was researching about network learning communities, I had a good discussion with my cohort about “demographics” – Who are the students ? Are they real ? Digital identity issues surfaced about the participants data. A further dig into the discussion about xMOOC and cMOOC in student authentication will become important. The need for…

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Digital Resident and Visitor by David White (Oxford)

I was participating a MooC today. in fact it is an archive (speaking of Web Archiving) and there were two learning for the day. First, it never cross my mind that Elluminate is now part of BlackBoard. BB acquired Wimba just a short while back as well. So these ONLINE TOOLS now will be more…

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Telco meet and China E-Learning market study

Today was a big day for a couple of reason. I just had a first meeting with HK’s largest telco, celco, ISP and TV franchise (all-in-one) and through a contact I had knew for a while. And it marks the beginning to build traction and content partnership, inching our progress towards 2014 disruptive innovation. As…

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Internet Revolutionizing Education – infographics

Think again for those still think online E-learning does not create value. Via: OnlineEducation.net

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First day meeting in Indonesia Carriers – Three

Today is the almost 15 years flash back when I had to do business development in Indonesia for telecoms.

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Cloud and Mobile in Education

This following diagram is originally from page 58 (or 74 in the pdf) of NETP 2010 Education Transformation from US Government. Quite impressive insights for their willingness to embrace CLOUD and MOBILE.

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An expert in a particular field – a PhD student’s dream

You have to be silly like me to go study/research for a PhD degree at age 44. and this is exactly what I am challenging myself. This is not easy, but when I had determined 2.5 years ago that I want to be an expert in Mobile Learning, I was really determined. The task begins…

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Speaking at HKWTIA Mobile Learning Idea Exchange in Hong Kong

As a researcher/PhD Student and a startup founder in Mobile Learning. I have to say I do get to meet both sides of the industry and also academic researchers If you are from HK, please join us http://www.vcast.net/marketing/edm/MLsg/EDM-MLIE.html

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Keynote speaker at APAC MLEARNING Jun-8-9

This is the first time I am invited to be a keynote speaker and at a ASIA PACIFIC MOBILE LEARNING Conference. Check out the agenda APAC MLEARNING 2011 Jun 8-9 Bandung conference agenda draft from Daniel Chun

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