My new Mobile Learning GOD – Jeff Bezos – and his Blue Ocean Strategy | The Mobile Learner

by Daniel Chun

My new Mobile Learning GOD – Jeff Bezos – and his Blue Ocean Strategy

With the largest online inventory of books, a ready to move tablet customer base, and take it from me – Amazon will become the LARGEST gamechanger and beneficiary of the Mobile Learning market – and they do no need any telcos to help. They already own an ecosystem – which is why I am building ClassBooking as an ecosystem.

To a lot of Apple fanboys, Steve Jobs is god. Considering that a middle-aged man waiting for 37 hours at Hong Kong first Apple Store to be first in line, this only proves it can get pretty religious.
Amazon has the complete ecosystem – over 1 million ebooks, music, video, publishing supply-chain, and cloud infrastructure (AWS/EC2). Amazon basically has a complete facilitated network as described by Prof. Clayton Christensen in his book “Disrupting Class”. Owning a piece of the e-reader market alone was a bit of shortsightness in my opinion, but testing the water is always important. Thanks to the later comer strategy, Amazon is ready to benefit from the learning of all the mistakes made by the other tablets and iPad killers (including RIM, HP’s now discontinued TouchPad) – to reconstruct the market boundaries.

Blue Ocean Strategy ERRC for Amazon Kindler Fire
Amazon’s Kindle Fire is a classic business case in Blue Ocean Strategy, instead of fighting for ipad fans, Amazon targets at the noncustomers of ipads, also customers waiting on the side-line for an android/kindle product and those that may have been on the sideline waiting for other tablets. Applying the Blue Ocean Strategy’s ERRC Framework, Kindle Fire has eliminated some of the costly components like 3G chips, camera, GPS which is very common for the Android tablets market – to cut the cost down, and raise/create Amazon’s own delightful feature including the SILK cloud/browsing/caching feature – one that many other droid tablets cannot compete. I was a fan of France’s ARCHOS which priced its ANDROID based 7″ I-pod touch but it is still by its nature just a standard droid. Kindle Fire may prove to be another success. With 95,000 sold in the first week, it makes RIM Playbook a really RED OCEAN product.

I actually told everyone in a Bloomberg post in Facebook many months ago that RIM is playing catch up only, with cost leadership only; indeed, their Playbook had only sold 200,000 pcs so far.
RIM Playbook is a RED OCEAN product


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