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Ten takeaways for strategic planning in a non-profit organisations

nonprofit_wordleBeen reading a book call “Money Well Spent: A Strategic Plan for Smart Philanthropy” by Paul Brest and Hal Harvey. Quite a different type of book that I am used to, but what this inspires me is the type of non-profit organisations and its leader/founder’s passion – just like the type work that one of my friend has founded called Kids4Kids. (Http:// in Hong Kong

At any given level, you have to respect the type of work these passionate startups do in order to provide a needing service. From a strategic standpoint, non-profit startups had to also find their own Blue Ocean Strategy as well as creating a product or service that fits the market. (i.e. Product-Market-Fit).

Using Blue Ocean Strategy’s Buyer Experience Cycle and Buyer Utility Lever, one can actually really visualise and compile hands on some of the market needs and pain points and start looking into what can be done to eliminate these pain points.

A consultancy for non-profit startups has summarised “Ten Keys to Successful Strategic Planning for Nonprofit and Foundation Leaders”

1) A clear and comprehensive grasp of external opportunities and challenges
2) A realistic and comprehensive assessment of the organization’s strength and limitations
3) An inclusive approach
4) An empowered planning committee
5) Involvement of senior leadership
6) Sharing of responsibility by board and staff members
7) Learning from best practices
8) Clear priorities and implementation plan
9) Patience
10) A commitment to change

Complete details as a PDF is available in here.

The question is can any startup use the same ? I believe so.