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by Daniel Chun

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MLEARN 2011 Beijing 1

More to come

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NOKIA-UNESCO Education-For-All IdeasProject.com

I was recently invited by NOKIA – UNESCO – PEARSON to be a judge together with some other colleagues who are experts in Mobile Learning for this IdeasProject Education-For-All Community Challenge . This is one type of Crowd-sourcing (also known as Co-creation) project that can potentially create changes, demand and adoption of ICT and Mobile…

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RIM says “Who is eating my lunch, dinner and breakfast”

RIM to RIP. this is no joke. Some people at TechCrunch has been commenting RIM has changed name to RIP and no wonder their dinner , lunch and breakfast was eaten by iPhone and Android. To understand these assertions, one has to really look into how RIM got to become where they were. Sure they…

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My new Mobile Learning GOD – Jeff Bezos – and his Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean, Disruption, Mobile Learning

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