The development of Professional Practice

Networked Learning 2010 – Seventh INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
3rd & 4th May, 2010, Aalborg University

Open session with Etienne Wenger and Yrfö Engström: an open dialogue of keynotes’ theoretical perspectives and how these contribute to our understandings of networked learning.

How can any teacher teach 100Million students vocabularies ?

This is where the potential market is for Mobile Learning. During a flashback tour of Jakarta (after 15 years), I met with 3 carriers and discussed about the opportunity of Mobile Learning as the next killer applications and probably one that will deliver more revenue and loyalty than AngryBird. It was jaw-dropping to hear Telkomsel has 94 Million subs. When I was in Jakarta, visiting Satelindo (now Indosat), they barely had 3 Million, now they too have over 50 Million subs. This is where mobile learning cloud and possibly ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING will nail it right !!

Professor John Traxler (Professor of Mobile Learning at School of IT & Computing at University of Wolverhampton) and British Council’s Neil Ballantyne have something in common, they are British gentlemen. Neil and I have something in common, we are based in Hong Kong (very few MLEARN researchers in HK) and we both wrote our dissertations in Mobile Learning. And for us three blokes here, we all have something in common – having a great time in Bandung for Asia Pacific Mobile Learning Conference.