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Networked Learning 2010 – Seventh INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 3rd & 4th May, 2010, Aalborg University Open session with Etienne Wenger and Yrfö Engström: an open dialogue of keynotes’ theoretical perspectives and how these contribute to our understandings of networked learning.

How can any teacher teach 100Million students vocabularies ?

This is where the potential market is for Mobile Learning. During a flashback tour of Jakarta (after 15 years), I met with 3 carriers and discussed about the opportunity of Mobile Learning as the next killer applications and probably one that will deliver more revenue and loyalty than AngryBird. It was jaw-dropping to hear Telkomsel ...

Professor John Traxler (Professor of Mobile Learning at School of IT & Computing at University of Wolverhampton) and British Council’s Neil Ballantyne have something in common, they are British gentlemen. Neil and I have something in common, we are based in Hong Kong (very few MLEARN researchers in HK) and we both wrote our dissertations ...

Speaking at APAC Mobile Learning Conference

Penn-Olson Ratri has provided this story

Internet Revolutionizing Education – infographics

Think again for those still think online E-learning does not create value. Via:

First day meeting in Indonesia Carriers – Three

Today is the almost 15 years flash back when I had to do business development in Indonesia for telecoms.

Online Learning infographics

Is you mobile apps strategy RED or BLUE ?

Do you see mobile learning cloud converging theory

Mobile Learning infographics with E-Books