Blue Ocean Strategy in Hong Kong

Although Blue Ocean Strategy has been widely used in commerce as a brand, a term; many senior executives even take advantage of its name – brand to elevate their company’s gameplay. How many are these truly exploring and challenging the status quo – disrupting inside a big corporation is not easy. I tried it, and the resistance is very high – especially when people you have to influence has to get out of their comfort zone.

We have been contacted recently from a couple of regional HQs of MNCs to explore Blue Ocean Strategy in Hong Kong, this seems to be a good sign as we very rarely advertised ourselves, we have only commenced work with HK Cyberport and HK Science & Technology Park in March and April respectively to have organised some value innovation strategy seminars.

And the winner is Archos 70

Given the fact that i have an iPhone, an Android 3G phone, a old school voice-only Nokia, a powerful netbook, and 2 other NBs and a string of cloud services and apps, i wasn’t sure why i really need a lot Tablet PC or iPad. If i need to write or type, i need one with a real keyboard, decent size… (as I do write a lot). And if i need to whatsapp/viber and skype on-the-go, iPhone/Android all do a very good job.

I do however need a thin-reader for all my papers, journals, books, and other ppl’s blog. cos iphone/Andoid phones were not that great for reading.

I also do not need 3G access as I have Wifi Hotspots devices (3 of them to be exact). Galaxy Tab is overpriced, iPad, (no flash), and i need capacitative, multi-touch, a front facing camera…long staying power (like me) and of course something light.

One more, if i need a camera, i’ll use my DSLR.

It turns out the winner is a thin 10mm, 400g, 7″. French-labeled (Bonjour) Made-in-China – Archos 70 as the winner. I tested at least five other China made Android 2.2 froyo devices, all has its bells and whistle and cheap enough. but i was really looking for lightweight, thin. IMHO, all the 10.1, 8.9 are all overkill. I know some of you would argue, get the most powerful dual-core etc.
I actually don’t play games at all, my kids do. And for that size, i may as well use my netbook – which is 10 inch and i can even edit a movie and comes with a real keyboard.

More later…

Initial Coding with GTM, by Charmaz

Recently had a chance to borrow a copy of Kathy Charmaz’s book for my paper and to dig deeper on her constructivist approach of GT.

Especially on coding, she says
“Grounded Theory coding consists of at least two main phases: 1_ an initial phase involving naming each word, line, or segment of data followed by 2) a focused , selective phase that uses the most significant or frequent initial codes to sort, synthesize, integrate, and organise large amount of data.”


Charmaz, K (2006) Constructing Grounded Theory: A
Practical Guide through Qualitative Analysis.
London, England: Sage pp 46