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by Daniel Chun

Monthly Archives: May 2011

Blue Ocean Strategy in Hong Kong

Although Blue Ocean Strategy has been widely used in commerce as a brand, a term; many senior executives even take advantage of its name – brand to elevate their company’s gameplay. How many are these truly exploring and challenging the status quo – disrupting inside a big corporation is not easy. I tried it, and…

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And the winner is Archos 70

Given the fact that i have an iPhone, an Android 3G phone, a old school voice-only Nokia, a powerful netbook, and 2 other NBs and a string of cloud services and apps, i wasn’t sure why i really need a lot Tablet PC or iPad. If i need to write or type, i need one…

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M-Learning device choice – HTC Flyer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, iPad2, that’s the hard choice

Help me to pick one here – I think Flash and HTML5 will co-exist for a while. I don’t mind having a WiFi version, afterall, my other smartphones have the Wifi hotspot feature and i already have a Wifi dongle.

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Initial Coding with GTM, by Charmaz

Recently had a chance to borrow a copy of Kathy Charmaz’s book for my paper and to dig deeper on her constructivist approach of GT. Especially on coding, she says “Grounded Theory coding consists of at least two main phases: 1_ an initial phase involving naming each word, line, or segment of data followed by…

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