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Red Herring Asia 100 Winner, Nov 17, 2010, Shanghai

Mobile Learning Award for Recognition at Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel, Nov 11, 2010, Kuala Lumpur

Mobile Learning Award getting main stream at GSM Association

The final call for Global Mobile Application Awards from none other than the GSM Association (in the old days GSM MoU).

The date has been postponed to 29th Nov, 2010.  Most awards applications require a fee for around Euro 450. At least mLearning one is Euro 450.

More details about this Mobile Learning Award from this BIG BROTHER association in Mobile.

An update to my PhD Pursuit

A while ago, I have posted some of the progress i made in attaining a doctorate degree. I have chosen to take a traditional route although some mentors had told me that I am a better candidate for D.Eng or DBA. But in all honestly, I cannot afford a D.Eng or DBA. A DBA and D.Eng is around HK$500K for entire program  and a PhD (local, self-funded) is around $41K per year, if one is good enough to obtain a PhD fellowship, it will be paid for and you can get a stipend as well. So, I did look, apply and try for a local PhD, but it seems that the only route is to do this FT, and I cannot do FT. I have a busting venture that needs me.

In July, I receieved an unconditional offer from Charles Sturt University, Australia for a PT PhD in Mobile Learning,  I have now deferred this admission to July 2011. I have also been offered in Oct an unconditional offer at Lancaster University, UK  into their program (E-Research and Technology-Enhanced Learning).

I have also applied U of New England and Open U and both of them seem to have show interests, with me being interviewed over skype with the lecturers, professors and admission managers, these two however went nowhere and I think I know why. I need to improve my research skills.

I have already been left a decent paying job as a General Manager cum Director of Innovations as a consumer product company to take on the dream of my life – ie. to start this venture called ClassBooking. Attached to this of course is a commitment to succeed and perform above and beyond the duty of being just a cool startup founder. I have failed many times in my past ventures and to an extent that I do owe my family an apology for their support.

Both PT PhD offers were good, Lancaster’s PhD program seems more appropriate for me, since it takes a taught mode in the area where i am weak in – Research. and then take you to the preparation of the PhD thesis. Lancaster is top 10 UK university and incidentally is cheaper than CSU and takes shorter period of time. With that in mind, it is no doubt that this is one of the better programs I have found in distance-learning PhD offered by a top UK university. I can now focus in researching in the area that I like – Mobile Learning.

First HK company to win Asia Pacific Mobile Learning and Edutainment Advisory Panel award

Congratulations, we at the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel (APACMLEAP) are pleased to inform you that you are among the 5 recipients of the APACMLEAP Mobile Learning Initiatives Recognition for your initiative to offer mobile learning knowledge management administering tools and consultancy app on mobile devices.

This year our APACMLEAP Mobile Learning Initiatives Recognition will be given out at the GoMobile Innovation Malaysia Awards Party at the Royal Chulan Hotel on 11 Nov 2010. The mobile industry celebrates its successes. The spectacular and exciting Awards Party will bring together the movers and shakers of this exciting industry. The evening will also be one of recognition and achievements. Prestigious awards will be presented in various categories ranging from mobile devices to services and contents. There are 2 invites for the said event that will be sent to you.

Briefly, LTT Global are among the initiators and pioneers of mobile learning globally. We have been participating, understanding, tracking, creating awareness using revolutionary mobile technology acclaimed for its speed, power and effectiveness to deliver education to the masses in an innovative way making learning fun, accessible and affordable. Lessons, information and instructions are prepared, tailored and then delivered through the mobile platform which include mobile phones, PDAs or through the internet. We create innovative learning / training / consumer education products in terms of gameplay, technology and content that can enhance teaching and learning in an organization.

We organised the 1st Asia Pacific Mobile Learning Conference in 2007 to help create awareness and promote mobile learning in the Asia Pacific region. LTT Global is the Secretariat of the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel (APACMLEAP) which was formed in conjunction with the conference in 2007. As a secretariat we aim to steer and promote the development of mobile learning in the region, to establish a forum and networking platform for discussion and dissemination on all aspects of Mobile Learning, including research, policy, implementation issues and impact on the government organizations and the society as a whole.
Briefly, The APAC Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel (APACMLEAP) was set up in 2007, and among its objectives was to encourage educational organizations, corporate and government sectors to start making strategic and effective use of mobile technology in human capital development and to bridge the digital divide.(

“APACMLEAP Mobile Learning Initiatives Recognition” is given to an organization or institution that has taken steps to promote mobile learning vide :

· development of content and/or applications

· promoting mobile learning content inhouse or through their channels

· Creating awareness about mobile learning vide workshops/seminars or conferences

Over the years the following have been recipients of the “APACMLEAP Mobile Learning Initiatives Recognition in conjunction with the GoMobile namely :

· Maxis Developers Program (MDP)
· KPerak Implementation And Coordination Corporation
· Global Mobile Soft Sdn Bhd
· Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau Pinang
· Taylor’s University College
· Open University Malaysia (OUM)
· The Maxis Academy
· University Teknikal Malaysia, Melaka (UTeM)
· B-Smart Channel, TMNet
· Atheneum Communications
Once again congratulations and look forward to meeting you at the Awards Party :)

With best wishes and have a great day always
Rani Wemel
APACMLEAP Secretariat
GoMobile Secretariat

About Go Mobile :

GoMobile is an annual initiative to promote development of the mobile industry and at the same time help educate consumers on how mobile can enhance their lifestyle. GoMobile consists of the GoMobile Conference, The GoMobile inOvation Malaysia Awards Party and the GoMobile Expo which showcases mobile lifestyle in action. The many exciting activities at GoMobile 2010 are powered by partnerships with a diverse range of sponsors and partners.
GoMobile 2010 consists of 3 exciting events namely:

GoMobile Conference…To Learn & Knowledge Sharing

11 Nov 2010, Royal Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GoMobile Innovations Awards Party…To Celebrate

11 Nov 2010, Royal Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GoMobile Expo … To Experience

12-14 Nov 2010, KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For more information please visit

Winning an award for Mobile Learning from APACMLEAP 2010

As a Hong Kong company and researcher in Mobile Learning, I have just received a mail from the Secretariat of Asia Pacific Mobile Learning and Edutainment Advisory Panel that my entry to the award at has been accepted and will be awarded for recognition for its intention to create a knowledge system applications towards enabling Mobile Learning.

The event will be held on Nov 11, Thursday at the Royal Chulan Hotel, KL.

More later.