November | 2010 | The Mobile Learner

by Daniel Chun

Monthly Archives: November 2010

Recent Press Releases from my company

Red Herring Asia 100 Winner, Nov 17, 2010, Shanghai Mobile Learning Award for Recognition at Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel, Nov 11, 2010, Kuala Lumpur

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Mobile Learning Award getting main stream at GSM Association

The final call for Global Mobile Application Awards from none other than the GSM Association (in the old days GSM MoU). The date has been postponed to 29th Nov, 2010. ┬áMost awards applications require a fee for around Euro 450. At least mLearning one is Euro 450. More details about this Mobile Learning Award from…

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An update to my PhD Pursuit

A while ago, I have posted some of the progress i made in attaining a doctorate degree. I have chosen to take a traditional route although some mentors had told me that I am a better candidate for D.Eng or DBA. But in all honestly, I cannot afford a D.Eng or DBA. A DBA and…

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First HK company to win Asia Pacific Mobile Learning and Edutainment Advisory Panel award

Congratulations, we at the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel (APACMLEAP) are pleased to inform you that you are among the 5 recipients of the APACMLEAP Mobile Learning Initiatives Recognition for your initiative to offer mobile learning knowledge management administering tools and consultancy app on mobile devices. This year our APACMLEAP Mobile Learning…

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Winning an award for Mobile Learning from APACMLEAP 2010

As a Hong Kong company and researcher in Mobile Learning, I have just received a mail from the Secretariat of Asia Pacific Mobile Learning and Edutainment Advisory Panel that my entry to the award at has been accepted and will be awarded for recognition for its intention to create a knowledge system applications towards…

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