ArtGroup enters Red Herring Asia 100

On Oct 18, I received an email from Red Herring’s Founder Alex Vieux and congratulating our company being shortlist into the Red Herring Asia 100. We have responded courteously that we will present our company’s vision and product roadmap and why we will become one of the most promising company in Asia Pacific
It is now confirmed that our humble startup – a lean startup as they called it, has been shortlist  as Red Herring Asia 100 and as a founder of the company, i am invited to attend a conference in Shanghai to present our case to hopefully win Red Herring Asia 100.  I have done some survey for this year shortlist candidates, there are 206 in total, 70+ from India, 6 from Malaysia, 8 from HK and 30+ from China. Within the 8 from HK, there are 4 that has a HK Science and Technology Park address, 1 other is EnglishTown which has ads all over GOOGLE and also printed magazines. Our company Art Group Limited is the only company (and I am proud to say this) that are from HK Cyberport.

Attending this conference is training cum networking event in the Startup and VC community and indeed our business requires the same level of trajectory growth as other equally strong candidates. So, part of the goal for me of course is to WIN the award, the other part of the goal is to GET TRAINED in pitching, negotiating term sheets, turning down offers from the investing – Super Angels, Angels or VCs interested in us.

We wholeheartedly thank Cyberport IncuTrain Center to have selected our company (award us the incubation back in 2009 Dec), a little over 10 months, we have published a paper in March in academic conference in Mobile Learning regarding the potential market, we also published our research framework in HELP (Heterogeneous E-Learning Portal) and potentially the roadmap of Mobile Learning (HELP-ME) for Mobile Edition. We have been awarded the Recognition in Mobile Learning Initiative by the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning and Edutainment Advisory Panel in Malaysia., our company has been selected by UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy as the partner to develop its knowledge-base training and consultancy for Greater China market, now to top it off, we have been shortlist for as one of 206 candidates to win RED HERRING ASIA 100.
This has to be good. Now We just need traction and sales to prove it. !!!

Blue Ocean Strategy

It’s not unusual for a b-school student or graduate to have read about the various strategy frameworks such as Porter’s Five Forces, Value-Chain analysis, Barney’s Resource-based View, and the Blue Ocean Strategy by Kim & Mauborgne. I am delighted to have the opportunity to have hands on experience and training from the authorised regional center of BOS this coming week. UCSI University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will be hosting a practitioner course and certification workshops and I have been invited to join. On this occasion, my participation as the founder of Art Group Limited at HK Cyberport had also sponsored as part of the training subsidy to send me to this center to be trained and certified. xD: Oct 27-29, 2010. Click this link for details of UCSI. The workshop details for the 1st sessions can be found here.