Project | The Mobile Learner

by Daniel Chun


CITERS Hong Kong University 2014 Research Forum

This is the 2nd year I have participated as a researcher presenting my working papers or finished paper. I personally really like this and CITE (short for Centre of Information Technology in Education) has been really generous and often invite scholars and world renowned experts from around the world in E-learning, MLEAR, Educational Research, Social…

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After a lot of hard work, the project that I found is inching slowly towards traction, cutting all possible costs, scrambling  jobs of all kinds and only maintaining a talent technical person. We are now ranking at 4,198. Soon we will be top 1,000 a search, review, booking management portal and it follows my original…

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Reading for this term

Activity 1: Teaching and learning with networked technology: theoretical perspectices and epistemologies Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. J. (2006). Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge. Teachers College Record, 108 (6), 1017–1054. Derry, J. (2007). Epistemology and conceptual resources for the development of learning technologies. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 23 (6), 503-510.   Activity 2: Methodologies…

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Starting a new term for my PhD – Researching Technology Enhanced/Networked Learning, Teaching and Assessment

August 19th is the day I start on my fifth unit / paper before entering to the research proposal and this module covers :- Researching Technology Enhanced/Networked Learning, Teaching and Assessment This module examines recent research and theorising about the nature of technology enhanced learning (TEL), teaching and assessment (LTA) in professional practice, in higher…

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OpenBadges now in and soon in and

We have mentioned before that OpenClass will implement and deliver the digital badges market during our – flipped class & activities management and this is now in Beta. Kids4Kids – a charity in HK which delivers many literacy related program will be the first one to benefit from the use of digital badges for…

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Interesting Projects / CFP in Flipped Classroom and MooC

Battling a really bad cold over the weekend and has to settle with aspirin tynenol and the like.. Yikes and was comfortably finishing my paper on Mobile Learning and teacher’s roles & competency. What was interesting though was that there are increasing attention to MooC and Flipped, already lining up a co-author and we should…

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Phil Hill’s diagram of MOOC (Massive Open Online Course)

As I was researching about network learning communities, I had a good discussion with my cohort about “demographics” – Who are the students ? Are they real ? Digital identity issues surfaced about the participants data. A further dig into the discussion about xMOOC and cMOOC in student authentication will become important. The need for…

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Lancaster University joins FutureLearn (12 universities)

I am so excited to see a post about my university for which I am completing my PhD in E-Learning is actually a forerunner in FutureLearn – Great stuff ! Lancaster University ! TechCrunch and FastCompany – these two media (Albeit US centric) has covered well about the trends in open learning and e-Learning platforms….

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Groups and Communities – Readings for PhD 824

My next paper will be centered around Groups and Communities and Researching the Design of Technology Enhanced / Networked Learning Communities. This is a list of readings and some of these papers are in public domain and can be downloaded. (enjoy, it’s linked to a google doc that I keep). Google Doc or now the…

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Andre K. Fowlkes: Why not a ‘venture fund’ to support community initiatives?

Found a tweet from Andre K. Fowlkes: Why not a ‘venture fund’ to support community initiatives? — djychun (@djychun) Isn’t what Philanthropy Capital or Foundations like Gates Foundation does ? setup to provide funding to meaningful ventures with a cause ? This article presents some great notions but yet hasn’t left any pointers to…

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