Google Keep as one the simplest note taking + voice annotation tool

Check this review from LifeHacker, It’s FREE, backup to Google Drive, Android native – fast ! Wow !  

3 SIM cards for receiving 3 calls & SMS

An Android phone that can accept a custom build native application. Android is basically a small linux machine and with 3 SIM cards, that is a simple SMS / GSM Modem pool on its own with connectivity to connect to WiFi and a host server. This will enable a lot of applications to be further ...

My submission to HKU CITE 2014 Research Symposium

Last year I have submitted just 1 paper in Mobile Learning to the HKU CITE 2014 Research Symposium. This year, my plan is to be a bit more aggressive and to do 2 papers and 1 workshop at There are compelling reasons to : firstly, in one of my research paper that I did as ...

Mobile Learning x Service Learning = Mobile Service Learning ² or MS Learning ²

  Finally I had a clear morning to read through some of the previous research work by other scholars in Service Learning and also to combine the Activity System theory by Engestrom to create a proposal – in response to the questions raised by the RPg program leader at University of Wolverhampton. MS Learning ²

How to write a grant proposal video

How to Write a Sponsorship Proposal — powered by ehow now have error 502 : the robot comes out has gone Error 500 – and needing monkeys

What Mobile Service brings to Service Learning

Whatsapp and Mobile Me

Well, for many it comes as no surprise this week when Facebook announced the acquisition of Whatsappd with the impact of this mobile social apps found in pretty much all the mobile operating systems. This post is not deliberated to discuss how much money and stocks has changed hands or how the founders have change ...

Mobile Learning apps used in Service Learning projects

As a supervisor to many experiential learning projects for secondary and university students at Kids4Kids, it was clear that the students had adopted the use of many different computer and technologies – mainly for collaboration. From Whatsapp group chat, Facebook group, drop box and google docs, it was also clear that the devices used to ...